Fund-raisers: The PTSA is not a fundraising organization. However, it is necessary to sponsor fund-raisers in order to provide programs and activities for our students, families, and teachers. The PTSA sponsors two major fund-raisers annually, one in the Fall and another in Spring.

The PTSA participates in Box Tops for Education and Shoparoo.
Each Box Top is worth $0.10 and they add up!! Hayes holds contests within the class and grade level each year to see who can collect the most. Prizes are given at each contest. For more info on Box Tops visit The BoxTops Webpage

Shoparoo is relatively new to Hayes. We have been using this FREE FUNDRAISING APP for two years now. After downloading the FREE APP (with iPhones or Androids), you simply snap pics of your receipts every time you shop. Each receipt earns Hayes points. The points accumulate for the entire school year and at the end of the period, Shoparoo will cut Hayes PTSA a check based on the amount of points earned. FREE MONEY!! For more info on Shoparoo visit Shoparoo’s Webpage



Nights at Sparkles,Burger21,McDonald’s,Zaxby’s, & Menchie’s are all FUN ways to connect with friends outside of school while helping the PTSA.

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