PTSA Myths

Myths About Joining the PTSA/PTA

#1 Only moms and teachers need to join the PTSA.

A strong PTSA needs the support of parents, family members, teachers, school staff,and community members. Anyone who cares about children needs to join the PTSA!

#2 Joining the PTSA means I HAVE to volunteer.

The PTSA appreciates everyone’s membership, whether or not a member volunteers. You will not be sucked into a black hole of volunteering.

#3 I have to be a board member or chair a committee to join PTSA.

You do not have to serve on the PTSA Board or chair a committee to join the PTSA. Your beautiful smile and wonderful support will suffice!

#4 PTSA membership never expires, I only have to join once.

Each new school year begins a new PTSA membership year. Your PTSA membership will be good for this entire school year!

#5 I don’t have time to join the PTSA.

If you are unable to volunteer your time, please consider becoming a member of the PTSA and give your financial support.You will have the satisfaction of knowing your support helps fund events and activities for the children throughout the year!

Why Join The PTSA?

PTSA memberships fund the FREE family events such as:

Holiday Breakfast, International Day, Food Truck Night, and Movie Nights.

It also funds educational services for all of the children at Hayes and Scholarships for teachers.

Joining the PTSA lets your children know that not only are they important  to you, but their education is as well.

The PTSA provides support to teachers and administration, and creates a caring and supportive atmosphere in the school.

There’s no better way to stay connected to what’s happening in your child’s school or meet new people who share the common goal of improving the school for all children.

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